Present your Research to Professional RF, Microwave and High-Speed Digital Design Engineers at EDI CON

The poster session during EDI CON displays posters of scientific papers in the common areas, with paper authors on hand to answer questions of attendees during the breaks.

The poster session takes place in the exhibition hall and a display board is provided for each poster. Display board dimensions are described below, please make sure your poster presentation fits into this allocated size.

For poster presentation papers to be considered complete, the final version of your manuscript must be sent to the EDI CON conference coordinator at

Guidelines for Preparing a Poster Presentation

Presenters will interact with attendees while standing next to their Poster Presentation. Attendees at Poster Presentations will stroll by looking for topics of interest. Presenters need to attract attention with a good topic and a visually interesting presentation. Organization and clarity are critical. A poster presentation should attract people's interest as they walk by and then be easily reviewed to stimulate a one-to-one discussion with the presenters. The goal is to encourage informed discussion about your research. The poster should be easily readable from 1.5 meters (4 feet) away.


Although we will provide you with tools (adhesive tape, etc.) for hanging your poster, it is recommended that you bring your own materials as a back up.


Please print out your paper or PowerPoint slides and bring them with you to attach to your poster. Also, consider using small posters or graphics to present your topic.

Type of letter, font and size

We recommend using the following font and font size: Type of font: Arial - Title: At least 36 points. - Headings: 30 points or more. - Text: At least 24 points.

Other recommendations

When choosing a background to frame your visual presentation, remember that neutral or greyish colours will be easier to see than a bright colour. Space your information proportionately. A suggestion is to divide your presentation either horizontally or vertically into three or four sections, and place materials within those sections. We recommend you to use illustrations, schemas and graphics so that your presentation can be more attractive.