Learn about new technologies and network with industry experts!

EDI CON is a new and unique event experience. It brings the high frequency electronic and high-speed digital design communities together to address the engineering and manufacturing issues that face today’s design engineers. Practical content is presented in technical forums, workshops and panel sessions and targets engineers working in the communications, aerospace and defense sectors. Unlike most academic-driven conferences, the EDI CON exhibition and conference are synergistic, with industry experts presenting technical content and displaying the latest solutions in the exhibition.

The practical emphasis and industry driven content of EDI CON is beneficial to the engineer by keeping them up to date on the latest tools and techniques being offered by the industry.  The conference and exhibition offer chances to network and learn about these new developments allowing them to perform their job more efficiently using the latest information available. Whatever you are looking to acquire or learn about in these fields, you will find the industry experts ready and willing to answer your questions.

Every engineer needs to take time out from work to further their knowledge and educate themselves on the latest technologies in the industry. Also, in-depth discussions with other experts can lead to new ideas, partnerships/collaborations or a deeper understanding of engineering techniques and models. Use this document as a baseline for justification for attending EDI CON to learn about new technologies and products plus share you knowledge with other leading to possible collaboration.

Use this justification letter as a baseline to submit to your manager:

I would like your approval to attend the Electronic Design Innovation Conference (EDI CON), the largest industry driven RF/Microwave, EMC/EMI and high-speed technical conference and exhibition taking place April 1-3 2019 in Beijing. This is the best opportunity for me to find out what is new in the industry, improve my technical knowledge through sessions/workshops and meet possible partners and vendors in person, all in one place. This is a very efficient way to accomplish all of these tasks in one trip reducing the costs of otherwise having to travel to many locations over a longer period of time.

I’m interested learning more about <insert areas of technical interest> that are directly applicable to my work and meeting with companies and experts that offer products/services in these areas that would be beneficial to the company. The educational, training and networking opportunities available at EDI CON are well worth the cost transportation, hotel, and meals that will cost <insert cost or list of expenses>.  I look forward to your support for my attendance. 
In order to take advantage of the early registration discount, I would greatly appreciate your response by <insert date>.  Thanks in advance for your consideration - please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,

< Name>